What to pack in your birth bag 101

We asked, and you answered! According to some Minnesota Birth Center mamas, these items are essential for birth:


#1 Snacks  – some notable mentions include…honey, dates, gummy bears, and nuts.

#2 Water – or other forms of hydration like Gatorade or coconut water.

#3 Phone charger – gotta stay connected and get all those baby pics!

#4 Chapstick – keep those lips hydrated too.

#5 Hairbands – anyone with long hair knows these are crucial in keeping those lovely locks off your neck and face.

Most of the birth goodies, all ready to go!

#6 Comfy clothes – for you AND your partner.

#7 Lighting – fairy lights or LED candles work great. If you birth at Minnesota Birth Center we have the candles covered.

#8 Toothbrush or Listerine – keep that mouth clean!

#9 Essential oils – we have those too!

#10 Your own pillow and/or blanket.

A few other great ideas:

  • Comfy shoes
  • Clothes for baby – bring a few sizes. Sometimes those babes don’t fit in the newborn sizes!
  • Deodorant – you might want/need it. 😉
  • These days, we also recommend a few of your favorite face masks. Minnesota Birth Center does not require a mask for clients in labor, but all visitors are expected to be masked anytime a provider is in the birth room.
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