Well-Woman Care at Minnesota Birth Center

Well-Woman Care at Minnesota Birth Center

Well-Woman Care at Minnesota Birth Center

Even if you’re not pregnant, proactively taking care of your health should be of paramount importance. According to experts, every woman must have a yearly well-woman checkup.

What Happens During A Well-Woman Check-Up?

Well-woman care is focused on preventive care for women, rather than care for a specific disease or illness. It includes:

  • A detailed history of your overall health during the past year, along with any notable changes or concerns you’d like to talk about
  • An examination of the genitals and breasts 


Your health provider may suggest additional screening tests or treatment based on your history and physical exam. 

Some services we offer at the Minnesota Birth Center include:

  • Pap smears
  • UTI testing & treatment
  • STI testing & treatment
  • Treatment for period problems
  • Treatment for painful sex
  • Preconception counseling
  • Birth control and family planning, including IUD placement
  • Prescribing of certain medications

Importance of Well-Woman Care

The entire concept of well-woman visits is based on the idea that regular preventive care helps us deal with serious diseases and morbidity associated with them. Along with preventing disease, the importance of counseling regarding birth control, sexual health, and preconception care is immense in improving women’s reproductive health. Women who are counseled regarding reproductive health are better equipped to take care of themselves during pregnancy, menopause, and other physiological changes in their bodies.

Difference Between Well-Woman Care At a Birth Center and OB/GYN

At a birth center like the Minnesota Birth Center, we believe in making all aspects of your care, including well-woman visits, as comfortable for you as possible.

We have created a home-like environment for our clients at the birth center. You will be able to tell this the minute you step into our waiting rooms, which are designed to be comfortable and peaceful and avoid the clinical feeling of typical health care practices.

Our appointment times are longer because our checkups are more comprehensive. This is different from the usual OB/GYN appointments that seem to only last for 5 minutes before they’re calling in the next patient!

Overall, well-woman care at a birth center is aimed to be more personalized to each client by providing a close-to-home, comfortable environment. The aspects of care covered during this visit are pretty similar to what you would experience in a hospital setting, except that a licensed doctor might be able to offer certain surgical interventions that we can’t.

The Minnesota Birth Center accepts all major insurances for well-care visits. They include the following:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • Medica
  • HealthPartners
  • PreferredOne
  • UCare
  • UMR
  • United Health Care. In addition, MBC is a participating provider with United for the VA Community Care Network program.

For clients with Medical Assistance, we are able to accept coverage via straight MA, BCBS-MA or UCare-MA. Regardless of your insurance company, be sure to call them ahead of time and make sure they cover well-woman care at the Minnesota Birth Center.

Call us today to book your well-woman visit with us! 

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