Transferring Care to Minnesota Birth Center

Transferring Care to Minnesota Birth Center

Transferring Care

Over the course of your pregnancy, you will inevitably learn and unlearn so many things about having a baby and being pregnant. During this time, it’s natural to feel a shift in your usual birthing philosophy.

A lot of women feel unsatisfied with the care they receive at hospitals and might want to transfer their care to a stand-alone birth center such as the Minnesota Birth Center, for better care, individualized attention, and natural techniques of coping with labor. 

If you’re considering transferring your care to Minnesota Birth Center, here’s what you need to know!

What Are The Prerequisites

Before you choose to transfer your care, know that Minnesota Birth Center specializes in natural physiological birth without medical intervention. Please review our list of risk factors that might prevent you from having a natural birth. 

If you feel that you’re a candidate for a natural birth, here are some things to think about while transferring care:

  • Get a complete record of your prenatal care (so far) from your previous place of care transferred to Minnesota Birth Center
  • Attend the Minnesota Birth Center orientation
  • Consider attending classes on birth education if it’s your first pregnancy
  • Ask us about doula services

How Can I Transfer My Care?

Book an appointment or email us to let us know that you’re interested in transferring your care. If you’re emailing us, make sure to mention your current gestational age and past birthing history. Also, mention your current care provider and your reason for seeking a transfer. We’ll guide you from there onwards.

You will have to arrange for the transfer of medical records for the current pregnancy using the release of information form and having it faxed to us at (612) 224-9622. Please ensure that your medical records are transferred to us prior to your visit and that you plan on attending the orientation. Our team will then review your records and confirm your transfer. 

How Late In The Pregnancy Can I Transfer?

We recommend women come establish care before their 32nd week to help build the relationships with our midwives. However, we might accept transfers later than that in some circumstances. Send us a message today to start your care with us! 

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