Supporting Dads & Partners

These resources support dads and partners during the postpartum time and beyond

I want to bring it to everyone’s attention that dads are changing in the Twin Cities area. How? It is now appropriate and acceptable to get mental health help for dads. It is highly encouraged by your fellow brethren! Join in with the thousand’s of dads working to elevate fatherhood and play a remarkable role in the lives of their families. Here are some resources to help you do this.

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Local Resources

Launchpad Dads (LpD) was born out of the idea of being a resource for dads in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and beyond. It hopes to be successful in doing this through online courses, in-person courses, blogs, videos, and, my personal favorite, counseling! It’s hard to be a great dad in today’s society but it isn’t impossible.  I will guide you through. To find out more about what LpD can offer, visit my websites or call me, Ryan Plasch at 612-207-9953.
Discovery Mental Health
Marriage Geek

Twin Cities Dads Group
This resource is run by Chris Brandenberg. It is a popular, established resource and works as a support group and has plenty of events for dads to bring their children to. The idea is to maximize fatherhood. Find out about the dates of their meetups is in the link above.

Minnesota Dads at Home
If you are an at home dad, you need to connect with these gents right now. This is a wonderful active group of dads who are going to be a great support to you. There are so many unnecessary issues that affect at home dads, but support is here! 

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Mindful Families in Edina
This organization shares in this vision of crafting resources for fathers. Some are on the horizon.  Anne Troff-Heck is leading this charge and has some exciting ideas. Chances are they are in full swing.  Please reach out to this talented therapist. 

Face It Foundation
This organization is not dad specific but there is a sub group for dads available. I highly recommend you check out their calendar for events and get more info about joining them. They have a once a month breakfast which is an opportunity to meet them and be welcomed into their community.  

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Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Minnesota
An awesome page to look at for resources. Check it out now. It has beautifully designed resources dedicated to being a better partner during postpartum and recognizing postpartum depression in yourself and others. 

Modern Men Explore
Jessi Leader, licensed therapist, leads an 8-week session for partners looking to create healthier relationships; topics include family, loss, partners, anger, pressure, love, shame, connection and masculinity. 

Dr. Daniel Singley
Not local but accessible by phone, Dan is a professional out of California who specializes in fathers. He is there for postpartum dads and once a month has a free call-in time to talk about such issues. Yes, partners can have postpartum depression too! He has great videos available to watch about being a more competent father. Calls held the first Monday of the month at 7 PM

  • Chat Number: 1-800-944-8766  
  • Participant Code: 73162

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Recommended Podcasts

Front Row Dads by Jon Vroman
This is an amazing podcast made for entrepreneurs who have a family. The tag line is family men with businesses not businessmen with families. Its podcast has a ton of information that is applicable outside of partners who are business owners. They have a mastermind group available for a monthly cost and a great, supportive Facebook group. 

The Dad’s Edge by Larry Hagner
The Dad’s Edge has a ton of episodes meant for the everyday dads who are working to elevate their lives. They also have a paid mastermind group and their Facebook Group has almost 10,000 members.

Resources exist for dads.  It’s time for dads to band together and use them.  

Ryan Plasch, MS, is a therapist at Discovery Mental Health and the Marriage Geek. He can be reached at

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