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Welcome to the Minnesota Birth Center

Inviting and peaceful, the Minnesota Birth Centers of Minneapolis and St. Paul offer family-friendly facilities designed to make your prenatal visits, birth, and postpartum check-ups feel like a welcome visit home. Are you pregnant and interested in establishing care at the Minnesota Birth Center? Join us at an Orientation!

Spacious birthing tubs

We’re proud to say that over half of all births at MBC are water births and almost everyone labors in the tub. Whether you use the tub as a comfort measure in labor or for birth itself (or both!) the birth tubs are a wonderful hydrotherapy option to encourage relaxation in the active phase of labor. 

The birthing tub in Barbara room, MBC-St. Paul

Family beds

These spacious, queen-sized beds in the MBC birth rooms are the perfect size for you to find your most comfortable laboring positions. Even better, there is room for everyone to rest after your baby arrives.

A family bed in Ausma room, MBC-Minneapolis

In-suite restrooms & showers

So many MBC clients find that our beautifully appointed, in-suite bathrooms are the ideal place for a calming shower or a quiet place to labor.

The bathroom in Ruth room, MBC-St. Paul

Birth slings

Well-known in Europe but lesser known in the United States, birth slings allow you to labor in a comfortable, upright position to encourage your baby’s descent. There is one available in every MBC birthing room.

A birth sling and birthing stool in Ausma room, MBC-Minneapolis

Nitrous oxide

We’re proud to say that MBC was one of the first providers in the state to offer nitrous oxide as a comfort measure in labor. It is also an option for those who experience challenging blood draws or for IUD placements.

Using nitrous oxide and hydrotherapy in Ruth room, MBC-St. Paul

Homey kitchens

MBC midwives honor your desire to eat and drink in labor as desired. Our homey kitchens allow your support team to prepare your go-to “labor foods” so that you and your baby are nourished in the birthing journey.

Our historic kitchen and dining room at MBC-Minneapolis

Delicious bread

It’s no secret that the MBC bread – baked right after birth and served with butter and honey – is perhaps the best thing you could ever taste after childbirth. Regular and low-gluten options are available.

Fresh-baked bread with butter and honey in the Elsa room, MBC-Minneapolis

Inviting clinic rooms

The MBC clinic rooms offer a comfortable and relaxed space in which to meet with an MBC midwife for your pregnancy, family planning, and well-care visits. We’re especially proud of the longer appointment times that we offer to make sure that each of your questions is answered.

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