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Preconception & Well-Woman Care

Books on Fertility, Preconception & Well-Woman Care:

Pregnancy Loss


Culturally Specific Support for African-American Clients

In the United States, pregnant African-American mothers have higher rates of adverse pregnancy outcomes than the general population. This is largely believed to be due to current and historical racism and/or trauma. At the Minnesota Birth Center we have excellent outcomes for all of our clients. Part of our model is to strongly recommend doulas for all as doulas have been shown to improve outcomes. Some African-American mothers prefer to have a doula from their cultural group, so we have compiled the following list of experienced doulas to assist you.  Please contact them individually for their fee structures.

Joy McAfee | 651.403.0587 |
*Offering postpartum doula and meal delivery services only

Kathryn Peck | 651.285.2239 |

Kaytee Crawford | 952.237.6478 |

Latoya McPherson CD(DONA) | 612.367.6968 |

Nadine Ashby, Birth Doula | 612.968.2471 |

Rhonda Fellows, CD(DONA) |

Rochelle Vincent | 952.220.8149 |

Sierra Williams | 612.558.9453 |

Everyday Miracles is a Twin Cities organization that connects pregnant people with doulas and other resources. They try to match people with a doula of their own ethnicity/race if desired. Doulas are free for people on medical assistance. People with private assistance can also be matched with a doula, and costs vary. Please note that demand for this program is high – the earlier in your pregnancy you request a doula, the more likely you are to get one.  They also have prenatal yoga and childbirth education. Based in North Minneapolis.

Other Resources:

Chocolate Milk Club Local breastfeeding support group for African American parents. Follow the link to join their Facebook page.

DIVA Moms (Dynamic Involved African-American Moms). Hosts a meet-up/drop-in group for pregnant African-Americans. Based in St. Paul.

Breastfeeding and Lactation

For a comprehensive list of lactation resources please visit our Lactation Services page. 

Childbirth and Parenting Education

Books on Childbirth

Finding a Doula

Books on Doulas:

Body Work, Exercise and Antenatal Positioning

VBAC and Caesarean Support

Books on VBAC and Caesarean:

  • Birthing Normally After a Caesarean or Two: A Guide for Pregnant Women Exploring Reasons and Practicalities for VBAC (Helene Vadebonocoeur). This title is print-on-demand and is available through Magers and Quinn Booksellers. Orders can be placed by phone referencing ISBN 9781906619206.
  • Cesarean Recovery (Chrissie Gallagher-Mundy)



Perinatal Mood Adjustment and Loss Resources

Midwifery Model of Care

Politics of Childbearing & Maternity Care

Intimate Partner Violence / Domestic Violence

The incidence of being physically, sexually, emotionally, and financially harmed increases during pregnancy. If an intimate partner is harming you, there are resources that may help, EVEN IF you do not want to or are not ready to leave.


  • DayOne Crisis Hotline – Statewide hotline for people experiencing violence, 24/7/365: 866-223-1111
  • Esperanza United – Bilingual Domestic Violence Helpline: 651-772-1611
  • OutFront Minnesota – LGBTQ+ Anti-Violence Crisis Line: 800-800-0350
  • StrongHearts Native Helpline – Native American Domestic Violence Helpline: 844-762-8483
  • ThinkSelf – Deaf Advocacy Services: Videophone: 651-829-9089 | Text Hotline: 621-399-9995