Natural Coping Techniques for Labor

Natural Coping Techniques for Labor

Natural Coping Techniques for Labor

Labor can be difficult, but it can also be one of the most beautiful experiences a woman goes through during her lifetime. At Minnesota Birth Center, we are advocates for natural childbirth. Our core emphasis is support for the normal physiologic birth of a healthy newborn. If natural childbirth is something you are considering, that means you will need to find natural coping techniques for labor to help make it a comfortable and memorable experience for you.

Our team of extremely qualified, experienced Nurse Midwives make sure to provide you with the best care to help you achieve the birth you desire. Here are some of our favorite natural coping techniques to help you during your labor! 

  • Water Birth/Birth Pool

Laboring in water helps set the stage for a calm and serene environment. A birthing pool is said to ease labor by decreasing pain levels, increasing comfort, decreasing the need for anesthesia or medication, and lastly, shortening the duration of labor. 

  • Birthing Balls

Birthing balls are large, flexible but durable balls that you can use during labor for increased comfort. They can help decrease back pain, reduce pelvic pressure, and mitigate the need for pain medication. You can try leaning onto it in different positions to help find a position that works for you! 

  • Birthing Stools

A birthing stool is basically a low-height seat that aims to mimic a toilet seat. It expands your pelvis size and hastens labor with the help of gravity. It helps with pushing since your body is familiar with a similar position for bowel movements. 

  • Labor Slings

A birth sling is suspended overhead, above your bed or birthing area. It helps you stay up and moving while providing you with some extra support. Slings can make it easier for pregnant women to sit upright, which makes the contractions more effective, shortening the duration of labor. You can even try different positions with the sling to find one you’re comfortable in. 

  • Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a renowned method of stress relief. It works the same way during labor. Using pregnancy-safe essential oils, we create an environment that helps you relax and calms your nerves. It might also decrease levels of pain and discomfort, making labor easier for you.

  • Herbal Bath

Herbal baths are known for their soothing and healing properties. After giving birth, you need all the relaxation you can possibly get. Our birth center runs you a special herbal bath with a mix of healing herbs. These help you relax and even alleviate some of that post-partum pain. It is also important to make sure you nourish your body with healthy foods, and our special homemade bread aims at doing just that! 

  • Music

The sounds that surround you play an important role in your mood. Soothing music and sounds you like can help create a familiar environment that will alleviate anxiety and calm your nerves. You can use our docking station to play whatever calming music or favorite sounds you want to surround yourself with while you’re in labor. 

  • Doula Support

Every woman needs a good amount of physical and emotional support during the process of pregnancy and more importantly, during labor. A doula is a trained professional who provides you this support throughout your pregnancy and childbirth. Even though they’re not healthcare providers, their presence can significantly help you by taking away some of the anxiety and fear associated with labor. At Minnesota Birth Center, we make this service more affordable so more people can utilize the support offered by a doula.

  • Home-like Environment

At Minnesota Birth Center, we value the importance of a calming and beautiful setting for you to spend your time in during labor. Being surrounded by a beautiful environment boosts your oxytocin levels, a hormone that plays an important part in your labor. Naturally elevated oxytocin reduces the need for medication and shortens the duration of labor. 

  • Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a pain relief medication that works as soon as you take it. At Minnesota Birth Center, we allow you to self-administer the medication so you have more control over the amount of nitrous oxide and how often you take it.

We know that labor isn’t exactly easy, but here at Minnesota Birth Center, we aim to make it as comfortable and relaxing for you as possible. If you have any other requirements or questions, send us a message and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate you!

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