My Midwife Does That

My Midwife Does That: A Spotlight on Well Woman Care

The Minnesota Birth Center is known for services to our expectant families; this includes everything from prenatal care and care during the actual birthing process to lactation services and support during the postpartum time. However, did you know we also provide services for clients who aren’t expecting? Our team of Certified Nurse Midwives offer Well-Woman Exams for new and old clients alike, regardless of whether you’ve given birth at MBC. This means having a one-on-one conversation with a Certified Nurse Midwife to talk about reproductive health, mental health, and physical health. At MBC, this is so much more than an annual exam; instead we ask the question, “How can we help you be your best?”

The waiting room at MBC-Minneapolis

Why a Well-Woman exam at the Minnesota Birth Center?

Certified Nurse Midwife Christy Anderson explains, there’s a personal connection that’s made between midwife and client at MBC, one that extends into well-women care visits. At MBC, we focus on client-centered service. Upon arrival, you’ll find a cozy, home-like environment where we’ve put thought into everything from the toys in our waiting room to the absence of those awful butt-showing gowns. The goal is to make you feel comfortable, because that’s the first step to helping you be at your best!

To make your Well-Woman appointment call us at (612) 545-5311 for our Minneapolis location or (651) 689-3988 for our St. Paul location!

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