(More) Bread at MBC

Nurse Abbie, ready for a bread delivery.

This spring the Minnesota Birth Center is excited to embark on a new initiative: homemade bread delivery to its postpartum clients.

This idea has been baking for some time among birth center staff, after seeing how much clients have enjoyed their postpartum bread with butter and honey, and realizing how much an additional loaf would be appreciated during the 24-48 hour postpartum home visit.

“Ultimately, it was a purposeful decision to ensure that our clients were well-nourished and cared for in their postpartum time,” said Claudia Jennings, Administrative Director at the Minnesota Birth Center. “Weather permitting, we’ll also be delivering our bread via bicycle, which reduces our carbon footprint while also encouraging daily exercise among our nurses doing our home visits. They’ll need to balance the home visit bag on their handlebars, but we think they can manage it,” she said.

Clients can opt for one of two bread varieties:

  • Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain Gluten-FULL Bread
  • Bob’s Red Mill Homemade Wonderful No-Gluten Vegan Bread

Clients interested in this offering can sign up for a second loaf at their birth. Mention the coupon code APRILFOOLS2021 for a 10% discount off the usual price.

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