MBC’s Chubbiest Cheeks of 2020!

2020 is in the rearview mirror (hurrah!), and despite its challenges we still love looking back at photos of our Minnesota Birth Center babies born during that unprecedented year. While we love all our #babiesofMBC, here are a few of our chubbiest-cheeked favorites.

Here’s to a New Year full of even more chubby cheeks and a brighter, healthier 2021.

#`10 – Ready to WOW the world with her yellow lace and kissable face! 

# 9 – Kisses and hugs from siblings are always so sweet!

# 8 –  Those cheeks are just asking to be kissed by their papa!

# 7 – Matching headbands for years to come!

#6 – Let’s not interrupt his meditation…unless you’re offering some milk!

#5 – Something tells us he’s skeptical of this new world!

#4 – First look at those cheeks is always dreamy!

#3 – Thank goodness social distancing doesn’t prohibit skin-to-skin naps!

#2 – New Kid in Town: the Sequel
Photo credit: Pixel Dust Photography

#1 – Sugar, spice, and an herbal bath with everything nice!

Honorable mention: Who can resist a revisit to this first look of baby’s sweet cheeks? What an incredible photo showing off a mama’s strength!
Photo credit: Rocker Bye Baby


Thanks to Minnesota Birth Center Birth Assistant & Clinic Nurse Abbie E. for compiling this list!

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