It’s Official – Chubbiest Cheeks of 2017!

As 2017 comes to a close, I wanted to be reminded of all the good things this past year had to offer. My most favorite thing? CHUBBY BABY CHEEKS! Join me in reminiscing and celebrating MBC’s cheekiest babes of 2017! Cheers to a new year full of squishable, lovable cheeks!

#14 – Peaceful Dreamer

#13 – Coddled Cuddler

#12 – Snug Bug

#11 – Hats Off to Those Cheeks

#10 – Pretty in Pink

#9 – Cool, Calm, and Collected

#8 – Bursting in Blue

#7 – Who You Callin’ Cheeky?

#6 – Sweet Slumberer

#5 – Skin-to-Skin Snoozer

#4 – Contemplative Conqueror

#3 – Bundled Bubba

#2 – Cuddly Cutie-Pie

And…#1 – Mighty Munchkin
Chubbiest Cheeks of 2017!

Abbie Elliott is new to the MBC Family and serves as a Clinic Nurse and Birth Assistant. She looks forward to welcoming many babies (and their cute cheeks) in 2018.

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