Getting to Know Mary-Signe

Mary-Signe2Mary-Signe Kelly is one of our kind-hearted and intelligent Certified Nurse Midwives. She has experienced birth around the world and has now settled in Minneapolis with her Husband and two vivacious sons. Read on for a glimpse into what inspires her career and fills her time outside of the Minnesota Birth Center.


What professional experience did you have prior to working at the Minnesota Birth Center?
The final year of midwifery school, my husband, Michael, was given the opportunity to work in Asia. We moved right after I finished my boards.  I worked in the Philippines at a birth center for 2 months.  Then we moved to India for two years.  I worked at a large hospital in Hyderabad.  I worked teaching the nurses and doctors about natural childbirth, birth with less intervention and hands off deliveries.  I, then, got the opportunity to work at a birth center in Goa, India.  I got to drive around Goa on a scooter doing home visits on the beach.  When we moved back to the US, I worked in Denver at a hospital-based OB/GYN & Midwife practice.

What brought you to the Minnesota Birth Center?
After the birth center in Goa, I realized that my passion is for out-of-hospital birth.  I was always on the look out for jobs at birth centers so when I saw MBC was hiring I called Dr Calvin right away.  His passion is palpable and I felt this was the right choice for me and my family.  I am originally from Wisconsin; Minnesota was a little like coming back home.

What inspires you professionally?
I am inspired by women in birth.  I am always amazed at how strong women are during this huge transition in their lives.

What is the main piece of advice you like to share with pregnant Mommas?
Trust your body.  It was designed for pregnancy and birth.


What are your interests outside of work?
I have a lot of interests outside of work and right now I’m working to incorporate those interests into my life while raising my two young boys: I love going to see live music and now we have a lot of dance parties at home; I love to hike, travel and camp and now I take a lot of “nature” walks at the park and camp in the backyard;  I love yoga and now do yoga with Xavier (11 months) pulling at my hair.  I am starting to like to run again and luckily there are great strollers for taking your children with you.  I know I will enjoy these things in all their glory in the future but right now, we are trying to raise kind, caring and adventurous boys.  Of course, I also love long walks on the beach.

Do you have a family? Tell us about them.
My husband, Michael, has been dubbed the International Man of Leisure.  He is the most positive person I have met and is always up for an adventure.  He has had every job that all 5 year-olds want: ski instructor, fire fighter and helicopter pilot.  He now is a stay at home papa for our 2 little boys.  Ivan, our 3 year old, is such a sweet little boy. He has a memory of a steel trap and cracks me up daily.  Xavier is our Minnesota Birth Center baby.   He is 11 months old now and such a happy baby.  I love how he gives me a huge gummy smile and flaps his arms in excitement when I come home.

What is your favorite restaurant in the Twin Cities?
We haven’t gotten to enough of what the Twin Cities has to offer but my favorite so far is True Thai.

What is the CRAZIEST thing you have ever done?
A lot of people would say selling most of our belongings and moving to India was pretty crazy.

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  1. Leah P

    We LOVE Mary-Signe. We were blessed to have her on duty when we had our little boy 3 months ago. It was the day after the worst storm of the summer and half of the twin cities were without power including the MNBC. She ensured that our hospital birth was as much like the birth center as possible, somehow found a room with a birthing tub even though they didn’t have any rooms to spare, was calm, reassuring and knew the rights to say. Sometimes you have to adapt and change and we are so thankful that Mary-Signe was there to help us through the process and be our advocate. Thank you.

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