Doula Intern Nicki S

Normal Pregnancy & Natural Childbirth

Nicki Schad

Hi! My name is Nicki, and as a result of my personal experiences as a woman/sister/friend, my professional experiences working with families in the role of a speech language pathologist, and through life’s many experiences and teachings, I feel excited and inspired to be on the doula journey. I have explored birth and postpartum doula care and women’s health through a variety of lenses. I first completed doula training while I was living in Chile with an incredible organization called Almatriz, and when I returned to the states went on to take a DONA workshop. I have studied postpartum care through INNATE Postpartum Care, where I studied the physiologic processes and needs of a woman that take place in the postpartum time, and how allowing the physiologic design of a woman’s needs to be met in the postpartum enhances best outcomes allowing mother, babies, and families to thrive. I am very passionate about all life and beings and allowing them to flourish. As a doula I hold space and provide physical and emotional support to allow you and your family/community to discover and access your own truth, voice and path during your birth experience and beyond.