Birth Doula Intern Rhys Fritz

Birth Doulas - Trained Labor Support Professionals

After nearly four years of working as a sexual health educator I am currently pursuing becoming a sexual health therapist and DONA-certified doula.  I believe that everyone deserves non-judgmental support in their curiosities, questions, identities and choices. I fell in love with birth work at its intersection with sex positivity and trained under an incredible sex-positive birth worker who enlightened me about the power of a doula to support a pregnant and laboring person. In my time working alongside them, I have fully realized the scope and impact of the tools that I utilize regularly as a sex educator, and realizing that these tools could be redirected into another facet of sexual health lead me to train as a doula.

As a queer-identifying person, I am familiar with living in inequitable spaces that take away from my identity and body. Through my work experience and training, this same inequity is now very apparent to me in how we teach and learn about the pregnant and laboring person. I hope to reframe how we view pregnancy as a whole, embodying the mindset that everyone deserves the opportunity to celebrate their pregnancy and birth regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race, or religious background. As a doula, I want to approach this major life event with the goal of finding an immersive and holistic understanding. I hope to make those questioning their reproductive choices and those who are currently pregnant or soon to give birth feel heard and seen, and through my work as a doula I aim to truly bring empathy and compassion and create an equitable space for everyone.