Birth Doula Intern Molly Born

Birth Doulas - Trained Labor Support Professionals

My name is Molly Born, and I am a birth doula based out of East Bethel, Minnesota. As a doula, I am passionate about providing births free from fear. My goal is to ensure that you are supported in your decisions and well-informed along the way, and that your preferences are honored, so the new journey you are beginning is supported and loving from the very start. I am currently pursuing DONA International certification as well as anti-racism training as an inclusive birth supporter for LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC birthers. In addition, I have supported birthers experiencing infertility, loss, and grief, and dream of building a stronger doula presence in the far north metro to give all birthing persons the support they deserve. When I’m not rushing to or from a birth or supporting clients from afar, I am typically cooking all sorts of crazy new food, engaging in leadership within our church, or playing ukulele and piano to make my daughter giggle. I hope to support you and your family as you welcome beautiful new life into your home!