Birth Doula Intern Melissa Snargrass

Birth Doulas - Trained Labor Support Professionals

I never realized how passionate I was about the birth process, until I was in a hospital with a young mother. Watching her debate with her family about what she wanted, I couldn’t help but to advocate for this woman in labor. At that time, I was pregnant for the fourth time with my first-born son. I couldn’t imagine having to settle, during one of the most precious times, because I didn’t have the energy needed to clearly express my desires. After learning how appreciative she was, for me being by her side, gently reminding her that every decision was up to her, was when I knew that THIS is what I needed to do. Every birthing person’s voice should be heard.

I was born and raised in Minneapolis (north and south). I have been in the beauty industry for the past 11 years and currently work as a nail technician at a spa. Creating a calm, relaxing experience has been my thing forever. I aim to please! It’s my greatest reward.

I have three young sons and a bonus son and daughter. We love adventure and thrill. We spend our summers at waterparks and amusement parks as much as possible, then our winters in museums, sledding, iceskating, or watching the latest (or classic) scary movies.