Birth Doula Intern LaTia Jones

Birth Doulas - Trained Labor Support Professionals

Birth is such an important and beautiful time for mothers and families, and I believe that every mother deserves a safe and healthy birth. As a DONA-trained doula, my desire is to support, comfort, and educate my clients throughout the entirety of the prenatal, childbirth and postpartum journey.

As a Black woman preparing for the birth of my son just one year ago, I remember feeling like I was not getting the proper care and connection I wanted and needed until I transferred to the Minnesota Birth Center. Going through my own birth experience with the MBC midwives sparked a desire in me to support mothers and families in their own respective journeys. I am so thankful to now return to MBC as part of the birth doula internship.

I believe that having the genuine presence of a doula by your side is vital. As I pursue my certification as a DONA-trained doula I want to do all I can to be helpful source of support, guidance, and welcome for my clients. I feel privileged to be a birth worker and support families of all backgrounds and walks of life.

Aside from being a doula, I have been a vegan for almost four years. I have a newfound love for yoga. I love spending as much time as I can with my husband and son. I’m an Aquarius and enjoy sports, shopping, cooking and being a light in others’ lives.