Birth Doula Intern Katya Hawthorne

Birth Doulas - Trained Labor Support Professionals

Hello! My name is Katya, and I am mother of four. I am a professionally trained doula with certification in process.

Since my first pregnancy six years ago, I have been intrigued with the birth. I started reading, studying and taking classes on the subject. While going through a difficult time with one particular pregnancy resulting in miscarriage, I realized that a trained support team/group/person should have been a part of not only the experience, but the preparation and postpartum period as well. This is something that I’m excited to be a part of with new birthing persons – to help make their birth experience something they’ll remember and cherish for years to come.  As a doula, I cannot promise that your birth will be exactly as you’ve planned. However, I vow to be by your side each and every step of the way, and cannot wait to share in your experience with you.

Eating healthy, working out, creating balanced meals/lifestyle, and using essential oils are passions of mine, outside of being a wife, mother, and doula.