Birth Doula Intern Hannah Sackett

Birth Doulas - Trained Labor Support Professionals

Fascinated by birth from a young age, I’ve finally begun to pursue a vocation in birth work. I believe deeply in the value of accompaniment, walking with folks through the most sacred, ordinary, and interconnected experiences in our lives — and birth certainly falls in that category!  I care about healthy families, social justice, and interfaith community. Some of my vocational experience includes working in music education, cradle-to-career non-profit pursuits, urban farming, the global YWCA, and nannying. I’m also a Lutheran seminarian, currently working towards my Masters of Divinity, and I enjoy long BWCA canoe trips, vegetable gardening, and attempting the NYT crossword.

Relationship building is the heartbeat of my work, and I hope to serve as an advocate, a bridge of communication, and a constant support for you and your partner throughout your labor, a reminder that you are not alone in this journey, and a resource for you to make informed decisions about the kind of birth you want. It would be a privilege to hold space for and walk with you as you prepare for, labor, and deliver your baby!