Doula Intern Jennifer L

Birth Doulas - Trained Labor Support Professionals

As a mom of six I’ve often heard it said regarding birth and baby days, “Oh, you must be an expert!”  I have to laugh and reply no because each baby is a unique individual. You’ve never been pregnant with, given birth to, or gotten to know this particular precious little one. Each has their own challenges and joys. All of my births personally have been very different, just as my kids are, and I invariably find myself with questions along the way.

When I’m not chasing down a toddler, navigating a minefield of legos, or running my washing machine endlessly you can find me working in my garden, reading, building a backyard pizza oven, chicken tractor or some other “crunchy” activity.

Birth. It’s a miraculous, joyful, overwhelming, earthy experience and nothing is better than those first moments with your baby in your arms.  I would love to be a part of your team and walk alongside you as you prepare for, labor, and deliver your baby.  All of my births have been natural and at home attended by midwives. I love the “home away from home” feel at the Minnesota Birth Center. My husband and I have worked in international settings for many years so I’d be thrilled to be a doula to a diverse clientele as well.