In light of the COVID-19 pandemic the Minnesota Birth Center has implemented temporary visitor restrictions. Click here for more information.

As the global and local situation of the pandemic continues to evolve, Minnesota Birth Center (MBC) remains committed to the health and safety of our patients, staff, and community.

Our primary concern is to protect those who have entrusted themselves and their babies to our care, as well as to ensure the safety of our team. In doing so, our goal is to not only protect the MBC community, but also limit the potential strain on our local healthcare system. Read on for a summary of our current policies and practices.

  • Masks are required: Following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), we require all patients to wear a mask or face covering during clinic visits. Our staff is doing the same. If you have one at home please bring and wear with you into the building. If not, we will have masks available at the front desk. Please sanitize your hands prior to taking a mask.
    • Masks at births: Your support team must wear a mask while our staff are in the room with you. Please bring from home if possible; otherwise, we will have cloth masks available at both sites. Patients in labor will not be required to wear a mask.
  • Goggles and face shields: Our midwives and nurses wear goggles or face shields for eye protection during clinical encounters, as recommended by MDH.
  • COVID-19 symptoms: Our visitor guidelines include the CDC’s most current list of COVID-19 symptoms. Please review them at the CDC’s site here.
  • Temperature checks: We require temperature checks prior to any patient or visitor entering the birth center. Please check your temperature at home prior to coming in to your visit.
    • If you can’t check your temperature at home, our staff will check when you arrive. If your temperature is above 100.0 please stay home and call to make an alternative plan for your appointment.
    • Only asymptomatic people without a recent history of COVID-19 exposure will be allowed to enter the birth center.
  • Visitors: All visitors to the birth center must be asymptomatic, without recent history of possible exposure to COVID-19 and meet our visitor restrictions listed here. All visitors will be screened upon entry.
    • Clinic Visits: Effective Monday, March 29th, a partner or other support person may attend all clinical appointments, provided they pass all standard COVID screening questions and wear a mask.
      • We also encourage partners/spouses/support people to participate in all virtual visits that are part of the prenatal care visit schedule.
    • Children may not attend any clinical appointments, with the exception of infants in arms. If you are having trouble with childcare, please call us and we will make a plan with you.
    • At births: Only two support people may attend births (for example, partner + doula).
  • Telehealth: We have adopted telehealth and are including telehealth visits as part of our regular prenatal schedule, as well as for lactation and postpartum care. Patients will receive a link prior to the appointment that will allow access to the virtual appointment room. No app download is necessary. We look forward to continuing this service.
  • Hospital births: Effective January 1, 2021, MBC midwives have returned to both Abbott Northwestern and United Hospitals for transfers during labor. In addition, United remains our hospital for VBACs/vaginal births after cesareans. Please note that in instances of high birth volume the MBC midwives may refer laboring clients to the Allina obstetrical team in order to ensure that our team remains available for birth center births. To learn more about our birth center model as well as our unique safety net of hospital care please schedule a virtual orientation.
  • Group gatherings: All group events are currently being held virtually. This includes orientations, early home care classes, prenatal circle group, postpartum circle group, and Well Fed.
  • Physical distancing: We ask our staff and patients to practice social distancing and limit social contacts to the minimum necessary.
    • While our staff can do this at home, as healthcare workers we do not have the option of doing this in the workplace. We therefore must rely on you–the patients with whom we have contact–to be doing this as well.
    • This is especially important for patients after 35 weeks’ gestation to prevent exposure to COVID-19. Exposure might impact your birth plan, birth, and postpartum recovery.
  • Outside pregnancy visits: We are scheduling a limited number of annual exams and other outside pregnancy visits. Please call our front desk to inquire.

We welcome your questions, which can be directed to