MBC Chubbiest Cheeks – 2018 Edition!

2018 is over and the frigid days of the New Year are upon us. It’s a perfect time to be reminded of all of those delightful, chubby cheeked-babies who graced us with their presence last year. While we love all our #babiesofMBC, below are our special favorites.

Here’s to a 2019 full of the cutest, chubbiest cheeks (and perhaps, slightly warmer temperatures).

# 10 – Like Brother, like Babe! Keep those Chubby Cheeks coming!

# 9 – Never has there been a snugglier Viking to date!

#8 – “Who you callin’ cheeky?”

#7 – Cool, calm, collected..and chubby cheeked!

#6 – Recipe for a great nap: Chubby cheeks, pillows and snuggles!

#5 – Raise your hands if you’re adorable and chunky!

#4 – Pearls and ruffles go great with chubby cheeks! Who knew? Better tell Vogue!

#3 – What can top those chubby cheeks? A matching hat and pants combo, of course!

#2 – Runner-up for Chubbiest Cheeks, but no one beats that handsome, red hair!

#1 – 2018 CHUBBIEST CHEEKS! Congrats, lil’ one! We could stare at you…All. Day. Long.

Thanks to MBC Birth Assistant & Clinic Nurse Abbie E. for compiling this list!

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