April is Cesarean Awareness Month

In the last 15 years, the c-section rate in the US (including Minnesota) has increased more than 50% so that now 1 in 3 women have a c-section delivery. In this same period of time the average cost of a delivery has increased 90% (!!!). Despite this, mother and baby outcomes have not significantly improved. (see MappingHealth for stats)

Cesarean sections are medically necessary for a number of women, but not 1/3 of women. The majority of pregnancies are natural and healthy and should be treated that way. Most data indicates that only 5-10% of pregnancies should result in c-section (see Childbirth Connection article below).

Why is this happening? There are a number of factors. Our friends at Childbirth Connection have a great article on why c-sections are going up.

The Childbirth Connection article highlights one major reason behind this increase: “Low priority of enhancing women’s own abilities to give birth”. This points to the growing need for midwifery care delivered in an accredited birth center where high priority is given for women to have a natural, spontaneous vaginal delivery.

Want to learn more about c-sections? Childbirth Connection has a great informational booklet titled: What Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Know About Cesarean Section.

First Day of Appointments!

Today is a momentous day! It is our first day of prenatal appointments!

If our opening ceremony was like our “birth”, then today would be like the first day we sat up on our own. It is indeed a day to celebrate!

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please  call us at (612) 545-5311 and we’ll get back to you soon.

Minnesota Birth Center Announces Midwife Director

We are excited and proud to announce Tanya Muller, CNM as the midwife director of the Minnesota Birth Center.  Tanya is experienced in all aspects of pregnancy care and she comes to this leadership position after 6 years of practice with the excellent midwife team at Park Nicollet Medical Center.   For a number of years Tanya has envisioned the type of midwife-led primary maternity care practice that we are building at the Minnesota Birth Center.   She is especially committed to offering low risk mothers the safe, satisfying, and seamless care that can be provided at 2606 Chicago Ave and if needed in our safety net at the hospital across the street.

Tanya and our other CNM and RN team members will begin to see mothers for prenatal care this month.  When we can offer birth care at the center will be decided soon.   We are encouraging mothers who are late in their pregnancies to continue care with their current providers.  To arrange for a tour ,contact us at  (612) 545-5311.