Minnesota Birth Center is THANKFUL

As we approach Thanksgiving, Minnesota Birth Center (MBC) staff would like to share a few of the many reasons they are thankful.

First, Dr. Steve Calvin and his wife Cindy, the founders of Minnesota Birth Center, would like to share why they are grateful to be a part of MBC: “As the “grandmother and grandfather” of the MBC, we thank God for the wonderful MBC team. From the front desk to the nurses and CNMs, the staff serve whole-heartedly while providing great maternity care with skill and compassion. We are also grateful for the more than 400 mothers and babies who have entrusted their care to the MBC team. Together you are all demonstrating a new and better model of pregnancy care.”

Here are the top reasons why Minnesota Birth Center staff are grateful this season:

  • Being surrounded by women who inspire and motivate us to be the best women we can be
  • We are thankful for such a persistent and visionary founder who made this center so we can practice midwifery the way we always dreamed
  • Having supportive family and friends who understand completely when we need to leave to help a family welcome a new baby
  • Being a part of a passionate work family who love birth
  • The opportunity to expand our practice to St. Paul
  • Welcoming our 400th baby
  • Cute babies!
  • Compassionate, committed and capable Doulas, especially our interns
  • The families that entrust their care to the Minnesota Birth Center


With Gratitude,

The Minnesota Birth Center

Minnesota Birth Center – St. Paul, Due February 2015


We are now seeking mothers with early March due dates for Minnesota Birth Center- St. Paul. Our new facility is just across the iconic “high-bridge” at 624 Smith Avenue S, St. Paul, MN 55107 with easy access to United Hospital, our collaborating hospital. Our Certified Nurse Midwives will host an exclusive Saturday clinic at our Minneapolis location to serve St. Paul patients. Please call 612-545-5311 with any questions, to sign-up for a information session and to secure your spot!

***Stay tuned, we will post updates as renovations are completed and new faces join the Minnesota Birth Center team.