Interview with Lindsay Snodgrass

We are starting a monthly blog series featuring mini-interviews with the women who are the Minnesota Birth Center.  The first post gives us insight into the lovely Lindsay Snodgrass our Canadian Midwifery student whose calm-presence and warm smile have been present at many births.

Where are you from and what brought you to the Minnesota Birth Center?
I am from High River, Alberta, Canada. I have been a registered nurse in a rural hospital for the last five years. During that time I knew I wanted to become a midwife. I am completing my masters in nursing at Frontier University, located in Hyden, Kentucky, to become a certified nurse midwife. I was determined to complete the practical part of my schooling at a birth center. Luckily the Minnesota Birth Center had an opening for a me! I started at the MBC in early March and will stay until mid September.

What have you loved, learned, found different while working in MN with the MBC team vs. Canada?
The Twin Cities are so progressive when it comes to pregnancy, birth, and parenthood!  CNMs in Minnesota care for women during their entire life, where midwives in Canada only care for women from pregnancy to 6 weeks postpartum. I love that the CNMs continue to care for women past pregnancy and birth.

What inspires you?
My inspiration around midwifery is to empower women and their families that pregnancy, birth and postpartum is predominately  a healthy normal event. My inspiration is to give women increased accessibility to midwifery led care in Alberta. Where women will have the choice of provider and birth location.

What are your career goals/hopes when you return home?
To have a family of my own and one day open a free standing birth center.

What is the main piece of advice that you like to share with pregnant mommas?
To embrace and trust their own pregnancy and birth for what it is. Make informed decisions that are best for you and your baby. Are you enjoying the Twin Cities? Yes, one of my favourite things to do is run by the river. I love big trees and the Twin Cities offers no shortage. I think the trail system is one of a kind:)

What are your interests outside of work/school?
I love being outdoors (hiking, running, walking). I play on a women’s volleyball team in the winter. I love home design projects.

Do you have a family? Tell us a little about them.
I am married to a wonderful man, and we have a rescue dog (Simon)  and rescue cat (Bok). My husband is a mortician, which always makes for great conversation.

Doula Internship Program

 Minnesota Birth Center is starting a Doula internship program for Doulas that have completed their training seminar and are looking to attend births for certification. We are excited to provide the growing birth community of the Twin Cities a chance to see what the Minnesota Birth Center is all about while also providing an affordable Doula option to our families.
Program Details:
  • We will start with 5 interns. Each intern will have their profile and contact information published on the Minnesota Birth Center’s website for families to review and independently contact in order to set-up interviews.
  • We ask for a six month commitment
  • Doulas must have attended at least one birth previously
All interested doulas, please email for an application.
Interested Doulas can email

Minnesota Birth Center in the Star Tribune


Minnesota Birth Center was featured today in an informative article in the Star Tribune!  Click this link to read the full article.

We are excited to be able to offer more maternity care options for mothers and their families in the Twin Cities.  We believe that for a certain population of mothers, freestanding birth centers are an excellent option for prenatal, labor, birth, postpartum, and women’s health care.  At Minnesota Birth Center, we recognize that pregnancy and childbirth are significant experiences in women’s lives.  At our birth center, women are served well by our Certified Nurse Midwives who seek to provide holistic, evidence based education for women to feel empowered in making their own health care decisions.

Contact us at 612-545-5311  to learn more about our birth center and to schedule a visit at one of our orientation sessions including a tour of our birth center!