What to Wear!

Photo credit: Gulya Tagirova / @gulia.tes.photography

Everyone thinks about it, some people stew on it longer than others. What should I wear for the birth of my baby!?! Will my provider care what I wear? What will be comfortable? What will be OK to get blood on it? What will have the best “easy access”?

We asked, and you answered!

The number one response was…NOTHING!

Let’s be honest: giving birth can be HOT and messy. Most women find it the most comfortable to just be naked. It makes it easy for getting in and out of the tub or shower, easier for maneuvering into different birthing positions, and easier to get that baby out without anything extra in the way. It is also great for the immediate postpartum time for skin-to-skin time with your baby.

Other answers ranged from a birthing dress, sports bra, skirt, bathrobe, and bikini….But trust us, we have seen it all!  Wear what makes you feel comfortable, and don’t wear what makes you uncomfortable! You are birthing a baby, and you don’t need to worry about what to wear or what your provider will think. All they are thinking about is taking care of you and your babe.

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(More) Bread at MBC

Nurse Abbie, ready for a bread delivery.

This spring the Minnesota Birth Center is excited to embark on a new initiative: homemade bread delivery to its postpartum clients.

This idea has been baking for some time among birth center staff, after seeing how much clients have enjoyed their postpartum bread with butter and honey, and realizing how much an additional loaf would be appreciated during the 24-48 hour postpartum home visit.

“Ultimately, it was a purposeful decision to ensure that our clients were well-nourished and cared for in their postpartum time,” said Claudia Jennings, Administrative Director at the Minnesota Birth Center. “Weather permitting, we’ll also be delivering our bread via bicycle, which reduces our carbon footprint while also encouraging daily exercise among our nurses doing our home visits. They’ll need to balance the home visit bag on their handlebars, but we think they can manage it,” she said.

Clients can opt for one of two bread varieties:

  • Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain Gluten-FULL Bread
  • Bob’s Red Mill Homemade Wonderful No-Gluten Vegan Bread

Clients interested in this offering can sign up for a second loaf at their birth. Mention the coupon code APRILFOOLS2021 for a 10% discount off the usual price.

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What to pack in your birth bag 101

We asked, and you answered! According to some Minnesota Birth Center mamas, these items are essential for birth:


#1 Snacks  – some notable mentions include…honey, dates, gummy bears, and nuts.

#2 Water – or other forms of hydration like Gatorade or coconut water.

#3 Phone charger – gotta stay connected and get all those baby pics!

#4 Chapstick – keep those lips hydrated too.

#5 Hairbands – anyone with long hair knows these are crucial in keeping those lovely locks off your neck and face.

Most of the birth goodies, all ready to go!

#6 Comfy clothes – for you AND your partner.

#7 Lighting – fairy lights or LED candles work great. If you birth at Minnesota Birth Center we have the candles covered.

#8 Toothbrush or Listerine – keep that mouth clean!

#9 Essential oils – we have those too!

#10 Your own pillow and/or blanket.

A few other great ideas:

  • Comfy shoes
  • Clothes for baby – bring a few sizes. Sometimes those babes don’t fit in the newborn sizes!
  • Deodorant – you might want/need it. 😉
  • These days, we also recommend a few of your favorite face masks. Minnesota Birth Center does not require a mask for clients in labor, but all visitors are expected to be masked anytime a provider is in the birth room.
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