Birth Assistant Spotlight – Abbie H

Here at the Minnesota Birth Center we flourish in our care of our birthing families because of our dedicated, thoughtful, and hard-working team. This week on the MBC Blog we are featuring much-beloved Clinic Nurse and Birth Assistant Abbie Hull (affectionally known as Abbie H)! She sat down this fall for a little interview session as she took a break from her many clinic tasks.

Abbie in the Birth Office at Minnesota Birth Center – Minneapolis

Q) Tell us your name, your title, and how long you’ve been at the Minnesota Birth Center.
My name is Abbie Hull, RN. I started at the Minnesota Birth Center as the cleaning lady the year that MBC opened. I later became a doula and went to nursing school. Next month I will celebrate my two year anniversary as a Clinic Nurse and Birth Assistant!

Q) Serving in birth work is a heroic task on many levels. What is your nurse “superpower”?
When I have time during a labor and am not needed for medical care, I love supporting moms and partners with emotional, verbal, and physical support wherever I can. I loved being a doula before becoming a nurse and am glad I can still support families in this way in my role as a Registered Nurse at MBC. I’m also known for my intense cleaning abilities, which definitely come in handy after a birth!

The laundry is always running at the Minnesota Birth Center!

Q) For you, what is the best part about working at the Minnesota Birth Center?
It’s an amazing learning environment. Everyone here loves to teach and they are eager to answer questions and educate on best practices. Of course, there isn’t much that can beat seeing life come into the world! It’s one of the most amazing experiences a person can have. Families have the ability to birth in such a safe, supportive, and comfortable space with our midwives at MBC. I love being a part of this team!

Q) Okay, fill in the blank…”If I wasn’t a nurse I’d be a _______________.”
Probably a doula, a theatrical director, or a professional gardener.

Prepping the MBC Home Visit bag

Q) When you’re not at the birth center what fills your time?
Caring for my plants (inside and out), swimming, taking walks with family or friends, watching movies with my hubby, or cooking up something in the kitchen.

Q) Finally, why is it so important to you to support the midwifery model of care?
Here at the Minnesota Birth Center our midwives love to take time to truly hear their clients; look into the research behind client questions or concerns; offer confident, gentle, patient, and family-centered care; and spend significant amounts of time with clients in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. They are (in short) some of the most amazing and intelligent people I know.

Please say hello to Abbie H when you see her in clinic!

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