An Independence Day Birth

When I found out I was pregnant for the second time, my estimated due date was July 4. I grew up in the UK but have lived here for many years and consider myself American, and so Independence Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I hoped that my baby would decide to make that day its birth day.

When my water broke at 10 pm on July 3rd I was ecstatic…my baby was gonna have fireworks! Because i was positive for group B strep, I had to go in and have antibiotics even though labor itself hadn’t kicked in too much yet. After we arrived at the birth center at about midnight, I was greeted by the lovely Martha and we set to work trying to get my contractions moving. I paced, took the stairs two or three at a time, used nipple stimulation and anything else we could to get things moving. Baby seemed reluctant to make an appearance. I couldn’t slow down or nap because the clock was ticking, so I exhausted myself throughout the night (my hubby and mom were there cheering me on which helped so much!). Come morning things really hadn’t progressed too much, and Kaitlin came to take over. Can I just say how supportive and amazing these midwives are?! I walked around Minneapolis and continued marching up and down the stairs but still baby was stubbornly hanging in there. Seems she was at a weird angle so the contractions weren’t pushing her down into the birth canal.

Later in the afternoon, I was experiencing so much pain for no gain and I was beyond tired. I broke down and sobbed, convinced baby would never ever come out or that I would be forced into having a C-section. I was advised to head to the hospital for some Pitocin, and I did not argue. So, barefoot in my pajamas, I walked across the street, stopping with each contraction, and arrived at Abbott. (We must have made quite a sight.) Almost as soon as we got to my room, I felt the baby move down and I started yelling “It’s coming right now!”

The nurse from the hospital didn’t believe me but Kaitlin checked; sure enough there was a head! A couple of pushes and my 4th of July baby made her appearance shortly before 7 pm, as perfect as any baby has ever been. I nursed her and looked out of the window and it was as though everyone in the state had lit up fireworks just for us…and I felt like we deserved them! Every mom and baby should have fireworks!

FireworksbabyI was disappointed not to have the easy, gentle water birth I had envisioned, but my baby was born safely and I was cared for so well during my whole delivery. I am so grateful to the MBC team for their dedication and hard work to make birth a beautiful life experience rather than a sterile medical one.

~Beth M.

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