Ahh-mazing herbal baths

Most people who know of the care offered at the Minnesota Birth Center also have first-hand knowledge of the signature blend of herbs that are steeped into a soothing postpartum herbal bath for each of our clients. These herbs are not only comforting and relaxing after labor, but promote circulation and healing as well.

If you’ve ever wondered what herbs are used in that special recipe, here are the super-secret (shhh!) ingredients:

  • Comfrey leaf – anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, encourages new cell growth
  • Lavender flowers – anti-inflammatory, promotes relaxation
  • Calendula flowers – anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, promotes wound healing
  • Rosemary leaf – anti-oxidant, uplifting
  • Plantain leaf – anti-inflammatory, relieves pain and itching
  • Sea salt – anti-microbial, wound healing properties

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2 responses on “Ahh-mazing herbal baths

  1. Amy

    I loved this after my first birth! Sadly I’ve moved out of state. Is this something MBC makes homemade or is there a place I can buy this herbal bath blend for my next birth??

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