MN Birth Center

Minnesota Neonatal Physicians, P.A.

From the beginning, the Minnesota Birth Center (MBC) and our mothers and babies have benefited from the support and encouragement of Minnesota Neonatal Physicians PA.  Our medical director, Dr. Steve Calvin, is a high-risk OB physician and he has worked with these neonatal care specialists for 26 years. During that time they have saved the lives of hundreds of the tiniest, earliest and sickest babies. 

Despite their personal focus on complex newborn care at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota Neonatal Physicians are very supportive of MBC’s model of care. They are happy that most babies are born naturally near term and that only a small number of babies will need their care. They agree with our balance of respect for natural birth and newborn transition while at the same time being just a phone call and minutes away if a baby needs their care in the hospital. We are grateful for their role in our success.
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