10 Reasons Minnesota Birth Center is Thankful

At Minnesota Birth Center we have the great fortune of sharing significant moments with families- for example, the first audible thump-thump of a baby’s heart beat or that moment an exhausted and overjoyed Momma sees her sweet baby’s face for the first time. This Thanksgiving, we are taking time to reflect on experiences like these and to send thanks and gratitude to the wonderful families that have shared these moments with our team.

Here are 10 reasons Minnesota Birth Center Staff is THANKFUL this Thanksgiving:

1) To be invited to such an important part of a family’s life

2) To be a part of the fantastic Minneapolis birth community

3) I am thankful for MBC’s hot water- it fills our coffee mug when we need a pick-me-up, our tea mugs when we need a moment to relax and our birth tubs when a laboring Momma needs a space to find comfort and birth her baby.

4) After 18 years of assisting women in the hospital labor and delivery unit of a high risk, highly medicalized institution, it is a joy to be a part of this center.

5) To witness women as they are left with the all-powerful voice of their souls; the strength that emerges is incredible.

6) Doulas

7) To be part of such an AMAZING Birth Center

8) To work with such a passionate and committed team.

9) Fresh Baked Bread! It fills the Birth Center with such a comforting aroma and provides tired families with the nourishment they need post-delivery.

10) We thank you all,  pregnant and laboring women, for allowing us to take part in your journey to motherhood.

Wishing all friends and families of Minnesota Birth Center a safe and gracious Thanksgiving.