Meet the Midwife Birth Teams!

Minnesota Birth Center added its St. Paul location in April, 2015. Over the past year, we completed our exquisite new space and interviewed, hired, oriented and privileged our new providers. We also had the honor of serving at over 290 births.

We are so excited to share that we now have sister teams of midwives, one at each location.

Minneapolis Location

Our full-time midwives are: Kaitlin Anderson, Brigette Mastel, Tasha Brua and Mary-Signe Kelly as the Lead Midwife.

St. Paul Location

Our full-time midwives are: Courtney Moore, Sarah McCullough, Taylor Mertz and Katie Ireland as the Lead Midwife. Part-time midwife: Natalie Jacobson-Dunlop

Covering both birth centers and clinics

Rebeca Barroso and Kerry Dixon

Perinatal Services

Available at both Minnesota Birth Center locations with Dr. Steve Calvin

All the Minnesota Birth Center midwives and Dr. Calvin are privileged to care for patients at Abbott Northwestern and United hospitals.

There will be occasions when one of our staff has a baby, vacation, or an educational conference to attend. Our two groups will cooperatively back each other up for absences or very busy times so we can continue to provide the same care we’d want for ourselves.

Our Birth Assistants and Home Visit nurses cover both our birth centers.

We feel so privileged to serve Minneapolis and St. Paul with a community of midwives providing safe and seamless care. You can learn more about our two midwife groups by visiting the Certified Nurse-Midwife section of our website.

We’d love to have you join us for our quarterly “Meet the Midwives and Birth Team” event to hear a little more in-person about each of us.

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