MBC now offering Circle Care

The MinCircleCarenesota Birth Center is excited to now offer group postpartum visits called Circle Care. Other healthcare groups around the country have noticed improved client satisfaction and support using this model of care. Circle Care is offered at the Minnesota Birth Center – St. Paul on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for women who have recently given birth at MBC. Women will have an opportunity to meet with a midwife one-on-one for a postpartum clinical visit as well as with a group of other women who have recently given birth to discuss a midwife-led topic. This is a great way to check in with a midwife, but also connect with other women and families who have recently given birth with MBC.

We have two groups: one is called “Postpartum Adjustment: Feeding Your Baby” and the other is called “Postpartum Adjustment: Family Transitions.” We would love for patients to attend at least one postpartum Circle group anytime between birth and 6 weeks postpartum. Some mothers may decide to attend more than one group. The “Family Transitions” group includes discussion about sibling adjustment if you have older children, but either group is welcoming of all of our mothers – either first time or repeat mothers. We will adjust the topics/discussions of each group depending on the groups’ interest or needs.

CircleCareCircleMothers are welcome to bring a support person. If you are unable to arrange childcare for older children we will have toys available along the side of the room. Please bring your baby! We offer an opportunity to weigh your baby and repeat the newborn hearing screen if that is needed.

Come join us!

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