Birth Doula Interns

Birth Doulas - Trained Labor Support Professionals

What is a Birth Doula?

Doulas are trained labor support professionals. Research has shown that continuous labor support decreases the need for epidural anesthesia, medical interventions, and cesarean sections. Learn more about doulas at Minnesota Birth Center selects a team of trained doula interns who make their services available to our families at a low cost. If you are interested in doula support, please contact one or more of the doulas below to set up interviews. The next round of Doula Interns will likely be welcomed to the MBC Team in March 2018- please check this page or follow us on Facebook for updates. 

For Estimated Due Dates of September 2017 – May 2018

Reisa Abercrombie
(612) 715-6620
Hi there, I’m Reisa! I have a deeply rooted passion for serving people, but it wasn’t until my own child’s birth that I realized where to channel this passion. Throughout my pregnancy and birth, I felt lonely and scared; overwhelmed by all things birth related. Pregnancy is such a precious time; my focus as a birth doula is to provide families with the support and tools they need to achieve a positive birth experience. I aim to have a positive, trusting relationship with you as your birth doula so I can provide the right support during labor. I’m blessed to be the mother of an amazing, spirited 4-year-old girl. In my spare time, I enjoy DIY home projects, coffee, and time with my friends & family. I am honored to be able to walk alongside families through the beautiful process of pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Jennifer Flynn
(612) 396-4486
Pregnancy and childbirth is one of the most exciting and beautiful journeys you and your partner can take. I would love to assist you with that journey by providing information and emotional support along the way to help create the birth experience you are envisioning. During the birth, I will be there offering you suggestions for comfort and providing physical support as you bring this miraculous little life force into the world. I recently completed my DONA training and I am working towards certification. Every delivery room is its own classroom, each birth its own lesson – even if it only serves to remind how spectacular and unique each birth truly is. My goal is to bring “E’s” to the process – Empowerment through Encouragement and Education so that you can just Enjoy the Experience!

Emily Henry
(763) 464-3172
I never imagined that I could have a natural, un-medicated birth, until my wonderful doula encouraged, educated and empowered me to have the most beautiful birthing experience. Thanks to her, I felt so calm and confident as I birthed both of my beautiful boys. After my experience with two natural births and having the water birth of my dreams, I felt called to become a doula myself. Each family and birth plan is unique, and I am excited to have the opportunity to physically and emotionally support moms and their partners to have a positive birth experience. I would be honored to share this precious time with you, where you feel confident, informed, and surrounded with positivity, love, and respect. Aside from being a doula, I am a former teacher who is now blessed to stay at home with my sweet boys. I am passionate about health and wellness, I love to travel with my husband, volunteer at my church, and relax at my family cabin up north. 

Evana Kvasnik
(651) 707-6966
My name is Evana, and I am a Certified Doula through DONA International. Being a doula lets me be on the support team of a women in one of the most vulnerable moments of her life. While pregnancy and birth are amazing in their entirety, I especially love being witness to the space from transition to birth. Watching the human body go through something so great and unimaginable is a sacred privilege. I strongly believe that all women should have access to the guidance they desire. Most of all, helping women of all cultures speaks true to what I believe in. I consider myself a constant student, a nature soul, and a family girl. Informal education can be as important, if not more, than formal education. It’s the day-to-day information and lessons that we get to enjoy and learn from. My favorite thing to teach others is about spirituality in nature. Learning to look around and see what is already there holds much power.

Sandra Lindstrom
(651) 368-5120
Hello! My name is Sandra, I am a mother, grandmother, and experienced doula working towards DONA certification. I am passionate about supporting families through the birth process and I am committed to providing assistance that honors your preferences.

LaToya McPherson
(813) 573-9870
Hello! My name is LaToya, and I feel incredibly honored to serve in the role as a doula. My desire to become a doula was birthed from my own personal experience of loss during pregnancy. The opportunity to provide another woman with the emotional, physical and educational support that I didn’t have, has become my innate passion to pursue.

I’m a Certified Doula, CD(DONA), and I’m extremely excited about supporting families and creating a safe, calm birth environment. As your doula, I share my compassion for an enriching birth experience with mommies-to-be. I work in partnership with new mothers and partners to fully understand their birth wishes and how I can best support them during their journey.

Byrd Shuler
(612) 849-0190
As a birth doula it is my honor to be a part of your birth journey. My passion is to empower you and your family to be full participants in your unfolding birth story. I aim to help you find a sense of ease, safety, clarity, and agency on the joyful road to bringing your baby into the world. I am a massage therapist, mom to a spritely 3 year old, and a lover of all things movement, from modern dance to weightlifting. I am continually amazed at what we are all capable of.

For Estimated Due Dates of March 2017 – November 2017

Rebecca Olson
(612) 816-6461
Hello! I am Rebecca Olson. I am a mother of two wonderful babies, ages 8 months and 2 years. I found the passion to become a birth doula right after the birth of my second child with the Minnesota Birth Center. Through the support of my husband and myself we empowered ourselves and I wanted to give that back to clients in their own births. From the time I meet with clients I want to connect with you and build a relationship. Through all the stages of labor I want you to know you can do it! I will offer you emotional and physical support and be your advocate throughout the birth process. From rubbing your back to offering reassurance I will support you and your partner in your labor of love. When I’m not practicing being a doula I enjoy taking walks around our neighborhood with my husband, kids, and our puppy, Zoey. I am truly honored to be a part of the Minnesota Birth Center.

Amanda Engelmeyer
(320) 309-5087
I’ve always had a special place in my heart for babies and new moms, and being a part of the birth process is something I consider a huge honor. I see pregnancy as such a precious, sweet time, and it makes me very excited to be able to help make labor as comfortable and special as possible. Outside of my role as a doula, I teach preschool, so I daily see first hand the bond that begins at birth, and I look forward to assisting both mom and their partner in this amazing journey!

Laurelie MacKenzie
(952) 818-4571
Hello! I am a compassionate birth doula with diverse doula training and experience. I have completed training in birth doula support, prenatal yoga, and energy healing. I am in the process of becoming DONA certified. As a doula, I offer calming and encouraging support for the birthing family through prenatal yoga, energy healing and photography. I work to foster an environment in which each family is empowered with a positive and fulfilling birth experience. Through birth photography, yoga, and energy healing along with continuous labor support I cultivate an enriched birth environment that encourages all to shine their brightest on the birth journey.

Kayla Emmons
(763) 528-1298
Giving birth is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. My passion as a Birth Doula is in providing you support and tools however it may be needed during pregnancy and labor to empower you to have the kind of birth experience you wish for yourself. My passion for this work runs so deep for me and stems from my experience of giving birth to my daughter. I believe and trust a women’s intuition about her body, her birth and her ability to give birth. Having a doula you connect with and trust during this very special is so important and they can help guide you to a peaceful birth. In addition to being a Doula I am also a Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor and Placenta Encapsulator.


Our Doula Graduates

Doula Intern Graduates have completed MBC’s Doula Internship program and are available for births. Visit their websites or contact them directly for a description of services and pricing.

Heidi Akpaette, CD(DONA)

Clare Friis, CD(DONA)

Danielle Cincoski CD(DONA)
Birth Doula and Placenta Encapsulation

Staci Caspers
(651) 260-2583

Laura Windgassen
(763) 258-6246

Molly Mikacevich
(612) 481-0369

Michelle Nyman
(612) 275-2182

Jill Greising-Murschel, CD(DONA)
Peaceful Doulas, LLC