New Services with MBC

This month we have expanded our services at The Minnesota Birth Center by collaborating with Associates in Women’s Health, P.A.  Dr. Steve Calvin, our founder and medical director, now offers perinatal consultation and detailed ultrasounds at AWH on a weekly basis.  This partnership provides our clients who may need more in-depth services the greatest possible continuity of care.  We are pleased to offer a greater range of services to our mothers, and are proud to say, “We’re with you all the way.”

We’re Expecting…

 Two years ago Minnesota Birth Center-Minneapolis opened at 2606 Chicago Ave South in Minneapolis and it has been a great success.   More than 200 mothers and babies have been served, and our Certified Nurse Midwife-led collaborative model of care is in great demand.  We are thrilled to have the capacity to serve many more Minnesota families.

As we looked at a zip code map for our moms it was clear that the Minnesota Birth Center service area extends over the entire Twin Cities Metro area and beyond.   An ideal, conveniently located building was identified in St. Paul, and a purchase agreement has been signed.  We look forward to sharing details very soon.

The entire team at the Minnesota Birth Center is excited to have a Birth Center sister on the way.  Like all siblings, the new Birth Center site will have its own unique character, but our goal is unchanged:  We Deliver. Naturally.™   Even if you need a higher level of care, the Minnesota Birth Center commitment remains the same: We are with you all the way.™   Thanks for entrusting your care to the MBC team.

The inside scoop on Jessica, bride-to-be.

Jessica2All Moms that have been to Minnesota Birth Center know Jessica. Her cheerful smile and helpful attitude have been foundational in most families’ Minnesota Birth Center experience.  Today, on the eve of her wedding, we wish Jessica all the happiness she deserves as she embarks on a new life-adventure with Stefan and the boys.  Congratulations, Jessica!
What brought you to Minnesota Birth Center?
While working part-time in a clinic I met Dr. Calvin (MBC’s Founder) and he shared with with me the vision he had for the Birth Center.  He offered me a position as a nurse to help organize the initial set up of the birth center. It was an opportunity that I was thrilled to jump into. The team of midwives that were hired have made my job better and more fulfilling than I could have imagined.  Also, getting to know so many wonderful women from the community as they have come through our doors has been such an inspiration for me.
What inspires you professionally?
  I am so excited to be a part of personal and relational health care.  I feel like building relationships and feeling like your provider cares about your individual needs and has the time to spend to get to know you is part of what makes good care, great care.  The team of midwives and other staff here are wonderful to work with and a good work environment provides a great care environment for our patients.  I am so motivated by the investment that our patients have in their own care.  This makes our job easy!
What is the main piece of advice you like to share with pregnant Mommas?
Enjoy pregnancy!  Pregnancy can be scary, and exciting all at the same time.  Accept help and find a good support network that can help you not just while you are pregnant but also after pregnancy when your life is filled with the cares of your beautiful newborn.  I am excited that the Minnesota Birth Center hopes to be able to offer more classes and opportunities for our moms to connect.
What are your interests outside of work?

I love to travel!  I was born in Ecuador and have had great interest in other cultures and places ever since! I love to cook and bake.  I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and camping and spending time with family.  I love getting together with friends and planning activities.  I have been on many mission trips and love being a part of and seeing what the Lord is doing around the world.

Do you have a family? Tell us about them.
Family is the most exciting part of my life right now as I am getting married to Stefan on February 1st and getting a ready- made family since he has two little boys age 5 and 8 who will make my life more than busy and lots of fun. I am excited for all the changes this next year will bring me.  I grew up with 5 brothers whom I am very close to, as well, and who have been a part of many of my adventures over the years!
Favorites- place to travel, food, dance move 🙂
I have been so excited to live close to the global market!  I love all the options that that place gives me to try out new food.
What is the CRAZIEST thing you have ever done?
I think going swimming in an amazon river or one of my many winter camping trips have to top the list of what most people consider crazy!  With 5 brothers life is never dull!