Happy 1st Birthday! Nora’s Birth Story

We anticipated that Nora would be born a little early because of how active I was during remodeling the house and chasing 18 month old Emmi around. We were so wrong. I very impatiently awaited her arrival starting at 39 weeks pregnant. I went for walks, bounced on an exercise ball, used clary sage oil on my big round tummy and nothing worked. I even had false labor starts three times. I was so frustrated and tired of being pregnant.

I got to 41 weeks and had my first non-stress test to check Nora’s movement and amniotic fluid levels, all of which looked great. I then waited a few more days and had my second NST, and everything was normal. My third NST was done when I was 41 weeks and 6 days. The midwife stripped my membranes and told me to go home and take 2 oz. of castor oil and use a breast pump to start contractions in a final attempt to still be able to deliver at the birth center before I was a full 2 weeks over due. I also took a bath with clary sage and Epsom salt. This was all after we had dropped Emmi off with Nana and Papa at the Baker Park Campground for her first night away from Mom and Dad.

Contractions began shortly after I started pumping; though they weren’t very strong they were close together. I called the midwife at 8pm after mild contractions were 5 minutes apart for an hour. I wasn’t sure what to expect when inducing labor versus naturally letting it occur. The midwife called back and told me to come in. Although I was hesitant because I thought the contractions would stop, I was really glad she told us to come when she did.

On our way there the contractions continued to be the same and I only had one contraction that I needed to breathe through. We arrived at the birth center and my contractions stopped for 45 minutes. I thought for sure we would be sent home with no baby in hand. But then at around 10pm I began to have horrible diarrhea from the castor oil which was then followed by active labor contractions on the toilet while puking and my husband holding my hips to counter pressure the back labor. Sorry, babe. The diarrhea finally subsided and I was able to return to the bed. At some point they put an IV in my arm to be able to give me Pitocin after giving birth due to a postpartum hemorrhage with my first. Hunched over a stack of four pillows, I labored for two hours and suddenly felt the distinct need to push. As I began pushing the midwife told me to slow down as she ran to get help from the nurse in the other room who was actually helping a friend of ours bring their little babe into the world at the same time we were. I only pushed for a minute or two – three pushes and Nora made her appearance at 12:03 am on June 24th, 2016. Cole, my husband, got to see her entrance and she was handed to me and laid on my chest. She was beautiful. 

After a short time I then delivered the placenta. I was really nervous about bleeding too much as they massaged my uterus because of my experience with my first daughter’s birth. I ended up bleeding a little more than normal but they were able to manage it with Pitocin and one other drug that I can’t remember the name of. The midwife was able to show us the placenta and explain all the parts of it. Cole and I found it fascinating!

Nora and I lay skin-to-skin for three hours before we took an herbal bath together. Cole and I were given homemade fresh baked bread with butter and honey on it. Oh my goodness, nothing has ever tasted so good. Nora weighed 8 lbs, 10oz. The midwife did our checkups and we were sent home five hours after the birth. We arrived home around 6:30 am and were thankful to be in our own bed with our beautiful little daughter, Nora Laine.

~ Michaela G.

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